High roller casinos aim to support their land-based clubs and sites in a sustainable, practical and engaging approach while respecting their clients’ desires and personal preferences on a daily basis. Each gambling institution tends to reduce the negative environment impact on the players (e.g. stress) and increases their well-being. All casinos for whales are based on 4 pillars:
– VIP service (friendly and, at the same time, unobtrusive);
– Attractive bonuses and promos that will please all whales;
– High bet limits (or even no limits);
– Providing the various payment methods (credit cards, e-wallets, bank transfer, etc).

Their goals:
Improving the quality of service and playing within casinos;
Raising the awareness of the bonus system among high stake players.

More details about high roller casinos principles

Land-based casinos for high rollers are interested in a total pleasing of their customers. That is why they are really careful while choosing the personnel. The person should be polite, educated and good-looking as well. As for web versions of these establishments, the question of staff is either important. For example, there also exist the personal consultants (hosts) or even live dealers. Their manners and appearance should be pleasant too.