What should high rollers do if in their countries gambling is prohibited and even foreign providers are not allowed? It may seem banal, but the smartest solution against hazardous amusements restriction is traveling. For example, in this way, whales land-based casino lovers have a chance to travel around the world and to play in different countries enjoying all exclusive facilities. That is called a gambling tourism.

As for online high rollers, the virtual voyage won’t help them, but there exists another solution. Recently the gambling with artifacts became really popular. Reach gamers who have no chance to play for real money do this with different subjects (goods, antiques, art masterpieces etc.), and in a case of win receive the prize. They can leave this award or it can be sold on the auction or elsewhere (so in any way it can bring players some money).

And the last solution for both gambling types is playing with cryptocurrency. If in some country it’s not considered as money (and may be not regulated) there is a chance to call it the artifact and to use the idea from the previous paragraph.