Mali is a developing (landlocked) country in West Africa. Actually, gambling is considered illegal here, just because of the partially dominant Islam religion. That is why there are no land-based providers (some sources mention there is a gaming house placed in national capital, however, it’s unlisted at any official websites, though) as well as online ones currently in the country. The population (especially high rollers) of Konseguela and other cities mobilized in the search of alternatives. In fact, the internet amusements are either restricted, but gamblers are not prosecuted. It means that they can play on different offshore web platforms without any risk.

So, there exists a kind of virtual gambling zone. Thanks to network, whale players can appreciate all advantages of online casinos, which provide their clients with 24/7 customer support, consultations, comfortable and secure conditions for gaming. In addition, high stake players have the opportunity to get a VIP service there. They can receive access to the exclusive amenities (as bonus and promotion programs, luxury gifts and surprises etc).

Details about high roller casinos for Mali players

A lot of online casinos provide their services in multiple languages, as well as in French (here we should mention that Mali is a former French colony). It means Malian high rollers can get the pleasure of their favorite diversion in their own language. On top of all that, the spectacular variety of games (table games, slots etc), convenience, high betting limits (over $5,000) add up to the web gambling fun. Most internet platforms additionally provide a live dealer and mobile versions.

1. High roller casinos of which countries accept Malian players?

For this moment, casinos from UK, Canada and Cyprus (to a great extent) accept high roller players from Mali.

2. Which types of online gambling are not regulated in Mali?

Casino gambling, bingo, poker, sports betting, lottery and bitcoin gambling. So, that’s mean that all Malian high rollers can enjoy these amusements.