Casino for the high roller is a place with multi-options, wealthy players quite often come there not just to spend time, but also to help the younger generation and their development. Recently, charity evenings and tournaments have become a new wave for high society. Leonardo DiCaprio, Kate Winslet and other celebrities took part in this kind of events.
What do these evenings give? All money which is collected goes to orphanages, medical institutions for youth, schools and so on. This is a great help and support to indigent children, and this is literally ensuring an adequate standard of living and learning for young people. By the way, even online casinos for high rollers have similar events (especially tournaments), so fans of virtual gambling are also joined to such charity wave.

More detailed info about charity tournaments

They can be divided by games types:
Bet limits: high (sometimes without limits)
Partners: Charity organizations, schools, other youth institutions, etc.