Recreation is a leisure activity and when we think about pastime of wealthy and hazardous people the first idea that come into our mind is the high roller casinos. These gambling institutions have been existing since 17th century, but, of course, games of chance appeared much earlier (in Ancient Greece, Rome etc).

Nowadays, the gaming houses for whales mean the places, where gamblers may play and wager really large sums with a chance for huge payouts. Internal structure of these institutions (which were transformed into online platforms too) should always determine the expectations of clients. The main part of high roller casinos provide their rich guests with secure and safe gambling without any speculative aims.

So, these gaming clubs have the excellent reputation and are interested in its maintaining. All whales are aware of their rights, terms and conditions within casinos. Also, there exist technical and customer support, and even can be offered a responsible gambling program. High rollers can get a 24/7 consultation on issues of interest.

More details about high roller casinos

As we know, now exist the land-based high roller casinos as well as online ones. It just means that classic type of these institutions has been transformed into web gaming platforms due to modern needs of players. So, now gamers don’t have to go anywhere, they can stay at home and receive all perks of real gambling clubs (and even to feel the same atmosphere). Here you can get acquainted with more useful information:

*Deposit: 1,000€ and higher
*Betting limits: 10,000-150,000€
*Withdrawal limits: 20,000-80,000€
*VIP program: exclusive promotions, gifts, dedicated personal manager.

Technical moments which make the online gambling for high rollers real

For diving into the world of online gaming high roller players must choose the following things:

– good Internet connection (the speed should be fast enough for better games performance)
– appropriate devices (there exist a great variety of technics as pc, laptops, tablets and mobile phones that work on different platforms like iOS, Android, Windows etc)
– reliable software provider (there are a lot of games developers, but it’s better to choose the most trustful ones with outstanding quality as Microgaming, Playtech, NetEnt etc)

1. Why do high rollers consider online casinos innovative and attractive?

Online casinos propose a great specter of game types, betting limits can be higher than in real one. And, of course, let’s not forget about live casinos, which are so close to the land-based gambling clubs. May be, this is the main reason why whales love to play in the Internet. There they can see the dealer, talk to him/her and watch all moves, at the same time, you are home, in the comfort zone with a cup of coffee or tea.

2. From what countries can I play in high roller casinos?

If you want to play in online high roller casinos there is a need to check the gambling regulation act of your country. There exist some countries where web gaming is restricted as China (mainland), Australia, some states of USA etc.

3. What are the prospects of playing in high roller casinos?

Exclusive bonuses, VIP treatment, attractive promotions and not only.

4. What changes have appeared in casinos for whales?

A few years ago there started to accept bitcoin and other cryptocurrency as a payment method, you can make a deposit with BTC, ETH, LTC etc and withdraw them to your secure wallet after the win.

5. How much should gamblers wager to become a high stake player?

It depends on casino. Free meal, VIP programs can be provided under different circumstances and wagering sums. Somewhere you need to bet at least $15,000 to get noticed, in another place you can be a god and might get comped even playing with $500.